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My partner and I live in the South and are looking to have a ceremony on our three year anniversary next year. We have found a location close to us that will allow a commitment ceremony, but due to family not being supportive of our decision we are possibly looking to elope to a state that allows same-sex marriages. I found this website in hopes to get ideas.

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NYC is the place we went to to get married where it was legal.  We are both originally from NYC so as soon as the Law was passed we decided to go and get married there.  We wanted to be legal somewhere.  When we got to the court house  on March 16, 2012, it was an Epic moment for us. There were more than 100 couples getting married on that day.  it was amazing. . My partner and I are from Florida and we wanted to go where it was legal. We wanted that paper that said we did it. On September 22, 2012 we had a wedding ceremony in front of 100 family and friends.  It was perfect.  You need to go to NYC and come back home and celebrate with those that matter.  You are and will always be two hearts one love. Its hard when the family show no support.  They really do love you they just don't understand our kind of love. Hopefully once they see it is real some eventually come around and show support.

I wish you both the best .  Keep me posted. . New York!!!!!

It looks like Washington State is passing same sex marriage tonight!  I manage a beautiful venue near Mount Rainier in the Cascade Mountain foothills and we are very excited to be able to host same-sex marriages and we would love to have you and your partner come to Washington and get married.  Check out our website at

Kristen Damazio

Expo Center Manager


Dear Dee,

Same sex marriages are now legal in Maryland :)  If you choose to come here, I would be happy to officiate your ceremony and work with you to create the perfect words for your perfect day!

Maine is beautiful to visit, and same-sex marriage becomes law here on December 29! We'd be a wonderful venue for a small ceremony.

Yes Maine is sure gorgeous,  congratulations on getting same-sex marriage official there.

I'd love to write for your special day

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For your 3 year anniversary,  let me write a fabulous poem in your honor!

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Hi! Congrats :)

If you are thinking of hosting your event in PA, NJ, NY, or DE...

Do not doubt of contacting us, we will help!

Here is my contact information!

609-638-2773 (feel free to text)

Great good fortune to you and your partner, Dee! I am in Long Island and also travel to the city. I also perform ceremony in my would be my pleasure to serve you.

Where in the south are you from?  Same Sex Marriage is legal in Iowa which may be closer for you.  I too am from the south and my fiance lives in Des Moines so I have spent quite a bit of time in Iowa.  I love the state it has some great little known beautiful places!  The people there are great too!  Good Luck to you and yours!  If you choose Iowa I'd be happy to share resources!  

Not sure where in the South you are, DC or MD will most likely be your best bet if you're closer east.

good luck and congrats!

As my fight for marriage equality I provide free officiant services. My contact info is

Hello Dee,

I know this is an old post - but we just joined (we're still filling out our profile!) and saw it. Did you get the help and tips you were looking for? If not, what ideas are you still needing help with?

Iowa is lovely - though it can be quite a haul. Maine is gorgeous - though, that's a drive, too. Did you figure out where you and your partner are heading?


Patricia Beets

Dell Cove Spice Co.

(we make gourmet spice kit & BBQ rub favors, and cocktail rim sugars and margarita salts!)


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