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Capsule your Wedding: A Unique Way to Engage your Guests




Capsule Your LGBT Wedding!


EnGayged wedding fans,

The shared experiences of your special day are timeless as the intimate bond you have just created.  The laughs of your father, the goofy dances of your cousins, and the impromptu speech from your best friend from college are important tid-bits of your celebration that give your wedding the personality it needs.  These are the moments that personalize your wedding as your closest supporters are here to show and share the excitement of your new life in their own special way.  At weddings, happiness is contagious and being able to capture those small moments of your guest’s celebration is simply priceless.  Capsule Weddings is an interactive mobile photo-sharing wedding service that ensures every moment of your special day is captured forever.  

Haven’t you been to a wedding where they have placed disposable cameras at each wedding table? The capsule mobile wedding service will allow you to see your wedding from your guest’s perspective in a clean, fun way. All capsule users are part of a mobile event in which they are able to instantaneously upload photos to a central album. Your ring bearer, aunt, and brother-in-law can be the unofficial photographers of your wedding from their smartphones.  Even better, all of your guests can comment and share their specific experiences on the capsule wedding page. 

Capsule is extremely easy to set-up and could be an impactful way to make your guests even more involved with your wedding celebration.  All you need to do is sign up, send the join code, and every single one of your guests can help you make your LGBT wedding unforgettable. Best part about Capsule is that it’s free (for now :)!  Start yours now at 

Capsulecam (iphone & android)

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